Joe Stormcloud

An Amerind from the Sioux Nation, Joe Stormcloud is a short wiry magician who follows the Thunderbird Totem.


Joe Stormcloud story….

Joe was born into a poor SINless family on the outskirts of the Seattle sprawl. His father was slain in a ganger war; his mother lost to BTL addiction and brain death. Raised by his paternal grandfather, he had the normal childhood in the wasteland of the sprawl.

He is full blooded Lakota Sioux, although he was not proud or open of that fact when a child (it was just another reason for a beating on the street if he stood out in any fashion). His frame is slight and short, but he has a tenacity about him that made him stand and fight when he should have run.

His Grandfather taught him quite a bit about math, and mechanics, thermodynamics and other basic engineering – giving a good idea of how things are put together – whether they are boilers or buildings or sewer systems.

Joe also participated in a vision quest – at the insistence of his Grandfather, who threatened to kick him out of his apartment if he did not. Joe expected nothing from this, but was shocked at how it went. He laughed at the thought of a vision quest in a smoke filled basement room of a run down tenement instead of in a tipi under the stars of the open plain, but regardless of where it happened, Joe was found by Thunderbird. A Mentor Spirit of great power, Thunderbird was able to provide direction to Joe. He accented Joe’s natural tendency to respond to insults in kind, and to shrug off threats and danger. Thunderbird also provided knowledge of the Awakened World, including spells and, to a lesser degree, summoned spirits – especially a relationship with the cold winds that blow about the mountains, plains and even the canyons of the city.

Joe is not sure of the ultimate direction his life will take, but he is solidly walking the path of Thunderbird. A shadow runner for now, seeking to build his knowledge and skills, he feels that Thunderbird has an overreaching goal – and Joe will learn of it in due time.

Joe Stormcloud

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