St. Louis in the Shadows

First Run
a learning experience

You were contacted by your fixer with a job lead.  It came at an opportune time seeing as how your belly is grumbling and work has been sparse of late.  You head to Infinity, a current novahot nightspot, to meet with the job’s Johnson.  After greasing a few palms, your ragtag band of ‘runners managed to get into the exclusive club where you were overwhelmed by the loud music, crowded dance floor and a bombardment of AROs on your augmented reality (AR) display.  After getting your bearings you managed to talk the bartender, an elf “chica” with an attitude, into directing you to the meeting place – the Blue Room.  Entering the Blue Room you found a quiet refuge from the chaotic club.  Mr. Johnson, a handsome troll who can quite nicely pull off a purple and chartreuse suit, greeted you and offered you the job – to recover a stolen old-style optical disc.  He suspected that the thief would try to discreetly get word out that the disc was for sale and suggested that tracking down the person offering it for sale would be a good start.  He gave you 5,000¥ (nuyen) up front for accepting the job with another 5,000¥ to follow upon completion.  He wants the job done quickly and discreetly but doesn’t care if you have to break any laws to get it done.
You accept the job (your grumbling belly didn’t leave you much choice!) and quickly set to research to try and track down the missing disc.
After some extensive computer research, you are not able to determine the seller, but you do find out that a mass email was sent to some industry insiders offering the disc for sale and one of the recipients was Nabo, a famous ork ganger kid from Seattle who decided he loved music more than firefights and BTLs.  He made his name performing in small local clubs before hitting the big time and it’s your lucky day!  He’s performing one final small club show in his hometown neighborhood before heading out on his big tour.  You figure you can sneak in and hack into his commlink to track down the email’s originator.  However, there’s a small issue of getting into the concert.  After considering many possibilities – buying from a ticket scalper at a steep 500¥ per ticket, sneaking in with invisibility which would be difficult with the crowd, dropping in via skylight (Mission Impossible style), you realize that the “facilities” are outside the venue so concert-goers are given RFID bracelets for reentry.  Luckily you have a nimble fingered ‘runner who thinks he can steal some bracelets to get you in.  He searches for some concert-goers who look especially vulnerable and makes his move.  Trying to be smooth, he manages to bump into the poor girl, knocked her down and twisted his ankle in the process.  BUT! came up with the necessary bracelet.  After a bit more hunting, he managed to successfully palm 3 bracelets for the group to get into the venue.  The shaman showed off by healing the twisted ankle and the group headed inside.
Once inside, the concert was already well underway.  Not only did they sell out – they overbooked so the place was CROWDED and noisy!  Mostly comprised of orks and trolls, the crowd is large, loud and quite a bit stinky.  The security guards were focused on keeping the crowd from rushing the stage with only a handful of guards devoted to securing the back stage area.  In researching Nabo, the group found out that his head of security, Jager, struggled with a novacoke addiction.  Armed with this information, the group approaches Jager and manage to trade him a bit of novacoke for backstage passes.  Once past the first group of guards, you quickly find out that the dressing room has its own guard and you are not on the guest list for the private party.  Instead of trying to hack the commlink on site, the group decided to create a distraction and send the nimble fingered one inside to nick the commlink.  The shaman used an invisiblity spell to get the nimble fingered one inside which he and the ork created a distraction to get the guard away from the door.  Inside, it took a bit of searching (and a disgusting glimpse of scantily clad ork girls lounging with a man – apparently drunk and/or high) to find the commlink which had fallen on teh floor under the couch.  He quickly nabbed the commlink and got out.  Your group of ’runners came downstairs to find a gang brawl had broken out but you managed to avoid the melee on your way out of the venue.  WHEW!  You got the commlink and didn’t get accosted by any orks or trolls.
Hacking the commlink proved to be child’s play.  You were able to recover the email and track it back to a hacker who goes by the handle “Zipper”.  She hangs out at a bar called the Cathode Glow.

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