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Re-post from Dumpshock on different grades of a Shadowrun and how quickly they can change.
Well, my group has a planning system that we called A-F. It’s not a true grading scale since that is only really measurable by objectives are accomplished, but it more or less represents the level of problems occurring.

A is for Awesome. Everything goes perfectly. No one, friend or foe gets killed (unless that is the objective) and nothing gets destroyed (unless that is, again, the objective). Quick, clean and quiet should be the hallmarks of a successful plan A.

B is for Backup. Like plan A was ever going to work. At this point, a little bit of destruction and mayhem is acceptable, but it should be relatively subdued. Nothing obvious, and no extracurricular killings.

C is for Combat. If things go badly enough, it doesn’t matter who you kill. At a plan C level of execution, property destruction is to be kept to a minimum, but this involves a firefight.

D is for Demolitions. Nobody likes modern architecture anyways. Grenades around every corner. If you need a door, make one. That five pound brick of C4 you were saving for a rainy day? That is today. That subcompact stuffed to the rafters with a fertilizer bomb could be useful. Short term survival is more important than making a mess, albiet a bloody, rubble covered mess.

E is for Escape. If absolutely everything goes to hell, get out. At this point, the mission doesn’t matter. Get out alive. This part can be partially extracted from the A or B escape plans, but it should be beefed up due to the increased nature of the threat.

F is for Failure. Not everyone is going to make it out alive. Accept it. Salvage whatever you can and get out with whatever you can. Someone might have to make a last stand. Someone might have to volunteer a friend’s area effect cranial bomb for the job. Life sucks.

I have personally witnessed plans jump from A to D in a combat turn, and having explosives in place beforehand was the only thing that kept it from being an F.

Granted you may not have time for all this planning, but when it comes down to it, the Face, Hacker and Infiltrator can plan A&B. The gunmen can best plan C, or at least have some group tactics handy. D has to be handled by a demo-man for it to work out. E is handled by the rigger, vehicle experts, or even pilot programs hopefully protected by a good firewall. F is a handful of sketches, a short straw drawing contest, and just about the grimmest thing you may have to plan. but F is jus tsome ideas since when things get that bad, no one knows what the colossal mistake will be.

1. Don’t screw your fixer.
2. Copious amounts of plastique couldn’t hurt.
3. A good decoy is worth his weight in gold.
4. If things get dicey, shoot first, grab some swag, GTFO, then ask questions.

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